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Often owners, shareholders, or managing parters don't know the value of their business when the time comes to consider selling or merging. A first step is for us to do a thorough evaluation of the company to determine an accurate market value which is pivotal in supporting a deal with a defensible asking price.

Our partners, investors, buyers, and bankers are key in making a deal happen all the way to closing. Only 10% of deals close when working without a business broker quarterbacking the deal and a common failure point is the financing.

A business needs a solid business & marketing plan in order to know when they are on track or not. A great plan will help you determine when your cash flows are working or if insolvency is lurking around the corner.

It's a given that you can't complete a transaction this complex without having great communication. Learning the nuances of every client and their business is key to structuring a deal that works to everyones benefit. Happy clients who close are our number one priority.

Often clients are not sure how they intend to exit their business or what they will do with the profits from the sale or liquidation of their equity.

Proper planning and knowing what options you have in front of you makes the transition much easier and pleasant for everyone. Relieving the stress of winding down is evident when you have your consultation with our advisors.

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